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How to Find Office Movers

Completing an office move can be quite tricky because of multiple factors. The scale of the move can vary from one office to the next. Also, completing the move at the soonest possible time is important so you won’t lose too many days due to inactivity. At the same time, there are some items at the office that require special care to transport. There are items that are too heavy, too fragile, or too important to be mishandled. This is why getting professional help from a relocation specialist can be very helpful. It will be more than worth the investment if you get the right company to complete your move. 

Here is a guide on how to find office movers. 

1.    Get a company that specializes in working with offices - There are multiple relocation specialists that are plying their trade near you. However, we suggest that you hire the services of a company that specializes in completing office transfers. Moving items from offices has its own unique demands. Aside from packing and moving large amounts of items at the fastest possible time, they will be handling delicate items ranging from heavy machinery to important paperwork. Get a company that has experience in doing office transfers as the demands for such projects are higher than usual.

2.    Check the legitimacy of the company - Given the sensitive nature of moving an office, you will have to make sure that you are transacting with a legitimate moving business. To determine if a company is legit, make sure to check if they have the necessary permits and certifications. You can also check with organizations such as the Better Business Bureau. Also, there are some red flags that you should look out for in these companies. Too many negative reviews and a recent history of multiple name changes are examples of danger signs that indicate you should look for another company.

3.    Avoid making large deposits - It is common practice for movers to ask for a deposit before starting with a moving out project. However, it is suggested that you avoid making large deposits before starting the contract. A lot of companies that ask for such big deposits (or even full upfront payments) are either substandard or fraudulent companies. Relocation companies may ask for a deposit, but it should not be a massive percentage of the agreed price. A tip for those about to make a downpayment: you can use your credit card for payment as fraud protection.

4.    Make sure they do a thorough inventory and inspection - A prior assessment of your property is usually done to determine the items to be transported and the potential costs involved in transporting them. This inspection is usually provided by moving companies free of charge. It is here where the movers will provide you a quote, giving you an idea on how much you will pay for the work. You can also have a better idea on how they work through the way they perform their assessment. Make sure that during the inspection, they make a complete inventory of all items in your office and present it as accurately as possible.  

5.    Go for insurance - A lot of valuable items are to be moved during office transfers. As such, getting insurance for your items is basically a must. Virtually all established relocation specialists provide insurance coverage for their work, though the degree of coverage may vary. There are 2 main types of insurance coverage for such projects. Most offer partial insurance that only pay for a specific amount of cash per unit weight of damaged goods. Full insurance is more expensive, but such coverage provides full repair, replacement, and financial compensation for damaged goods. Inquire with the company about their insurance coverage.

6.    Make sure everything is written in a contract- You cannot underestimate the power of the contract in transactions such as this. With so many things that can potentially go wrong, it pays to have your agreement written in paper just in case. Things that should be written in the contract include details such as the agreed quote, the number of days for the completion of the move, and any extra fees. You can also add potential areas of dispute such as agreements on quote mark-ups and insurance coverage. Make sure all items to be moved are written in the contract for reference.  

Keep these guidelines in mind to make sure that you have a successful office move.

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